Alpine excited to test F1 sprint qualifying

Credits: Alpine F1 Media

Alpine has expressed its excitement over the new F1 Sprint Qualifying format to be introduced at the British Grand Prix this weekend. Despite the uncertainty, the French outfit believes it will prove to be exciting for drivers and fans alike.

Alpine CEO Marcin Budkowski emphasized the difficulty behind a sprint qualifying, given that there will be only an hour of free practice beforehand to collect data and manage set-ups for the session. He has also said that it will prove to be a different challenge compared to Austria, and the team must trust each other and get it right.

“Teams hate unpredictability as they always try to improve everything to perfection, but it should be more exciting for the fans! Silverstone is a completely different challenge to Austria,” Budkowski commented.

“The cars will be parked from then on, which means that we will no longer be able to touch them. There are also different rules for the use of tires, such as free choice for the race. We hope that the new format will bring uncertainty since some teams will get it right and others might not, which could mix up the grid and create more action on the track.”

The new qualifying format also dictates different rules, leading teams to fear the uncertainty in the novel concept and its regulations. However, Budkowski has assured that he is confident Alpine will do well and that the main challenge would be to set the teams up and get the drivers confident with just an hour of practice.

“For the teams, the main challenge will be setting up the teams and making the confidence of the pilots increased in just one hour of free practice before facing qualifying directly,” Budkowski admitted.

“We are looking forward to testing a new weekend format for the first time this weekend at Silverstone. It is definitely something new and will get action going all three days.”

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