Red Bull advisor Dr. Helmut Marko has criticized the leniency of the FIA in investigating the legality of the front wing of the Mercedes W12, calling out the apparent haste at which Mercedes complaints regarding Red Bull were addressed.

While neither team has formally launched protests against the other, Marko still feels Red Bull’s displeasure was not noticed and that the FIA lacks a sense of urgency when it comes to Mercedes, saying that while exploiting the regulations is common, such disparities in response is unfair.

“Off the track, it’s all about exploiting the technical regulations completely to your advantage and letting the competitor get a bit of a setback from the FIA,” Marko commented. “Verstappen could have easily won the race in Baku if it wasn’t for a tire blowout. However, it shows that Red Bull can triumph at any type of circuit.”

Marko has emphasized that Red Bull demands clarification on the legality of the Mercedes front wing and that while the FIA is not proceeding with investigations against Mercedes, Marko alleges that the FIA acts at “lightning speed” for investigations at Mercedes’ behest.

“When something is investigated at Mercedes’ behest, it is always done with lightning speed,” Marko said. “We have certain concerns about Mercedes’ front wing, which is clearly moving on our onboard footage. We are waiting for a response from the FIA. We demand clarification.”

“There have already been questions about our rear wing, our engine, and our tire pressure. All these question marks were placed on our car by Mercedes or Mercedes-driven teams,” Marko added. He also hopes that the FIA acts and does not delay the investigation any further.

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