Ross Brawn is confident the drivers will “go for it” in the Sprint Qualifying on Saturday, despite questions from other drivers.

The first trial of the Sprint Qualifying will be at Silverstone this weekend, and the new weekend format has garnered reactions, both positive and negative, worldwide. Brawn is one of those in favor of the event and has said he believes the drivers won’t hold back in the 100km race.

“I think what was fascinating was Baku and the little sprint we had at the end, which was exciting,” Brawn said. “I don’t think ours will be quite so aggressive, because obviously, it’s over 100 kilometers so they’ve got a little bit more time.”

“Even if you could argue the sprint is only the precursor to the main event, the race, I think they will be desperate to beat each other and show who’s the fastest, and who’s the strongest.”

“We’ve really tried to encourage flat-out racing the whole time. We wanted to have no holding back in qualifying, no funny tire choices in the qualifying, and the same in the sprint: we’ve tried to create a situation where you wouldn’t be disadvantaged in the race by your tire choice.”

“I personally am very optimistic. I think it will be a very good event, a great race. And I think the drivers will go for it because do we think Max and Lewis are going to have a different mindset going into that first corner because it’s a sprint? I don’t think so. But that’s to be established, and that’s what we need to find out.”

The British Grand Prix gets underway this weekend at Silverstone.

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