During the New York E-Prix, Jean-Eric Vergne closed the race in P2, and he admitted that “it is a good thing to be sad” after losing the opportunity to win the E-Prix.

Vergne was running right behind the racing leader, Nick Cassidy when the DS Techeetah driver went for the move at the hairpin. However, the two collided, and Maximilian Guenther took the most out of it, stealing the first place. 

Luckily for Vergne, he managed to recover his second position and grabbed a podium for his team. Despite that, though, he felt disappointed after the race.

“I’m happy to be disappointed with second. It shows that it’s not been a bad day when you’re in this position,” said Vergne. 

Vergne also commented on what happened before and during the crash, saying that he was sad to have lost the win, but he had to go for it.

“With it not being easy to overtake, I needed to make a move. I had more energy than him, I had more pace, and he was getting a little bit slow. 

“I had to go for it. Our car then touched a bit, and I could not rotate mine. I lost a position, so it’s a shame. But, as I said, it’s a good thing to be sad with second place.” 

To conclude, Vergne said that the bumpier New York track helped him since it was better for his car if compared to other venues like Valencia, which is more flat and smooth.

“I think it’s fair to say that Puebla or Valencia doesn’t fit our car,” he said. “This kind of track is better for our one, which is a good thing for London. 

“London [the next round] is going to be like that. Very stop and go.”

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