Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that his driving style does not suit that of the MCL35-M, yielding less than desirable results when compared to his teammate Lando Norris. Ricciardo said he is losing most of his time while under braking.

Ricciardo has been suffering from a poor debut with the Woking outfit as he is yet to string up a set of consistent results and bridge the gap to his team-mate as he did in his previous teams, Red Bull and Renault.

“I would have to show you the data and explain where the subtleties lie,” Ricciardo said. “The team would probably not be so happy if I gave too many details.

“Roughly speaking, I have a very high minimum speed in a corner when I can drive the way I want. To do this, I have to throw the car into the turn and trust it to stick to the road. Sounds simple, but it’s not.”

The veteran Aussie is 64 points behind Norris and has explained how he hasn’t been able to fully harmonize with the McLaren so far, leading to him suggesting that he now has to think more as opposed to relying on instincts.

“In comparison between the Renault and the McLaren, the differences in the car are bigger. McLaren has its strengths and weaknesses. But somehow my natural driving style doesn’t seem to harmonize with it,” he admitted.

“Either how I turn into corners on the brakes or how I step on the throttle. The car doesn’t react as I am used to. That’s why my move to McLaren is a bit more challenging than the one to Renault.”

Despite this, however, Ricciardo is working on adapting to the car, rather than the other way around, explaining how he is doing so to bring the best results for the team.

“As a first step, I tried to understand why my driving style didn’t work in all corners. In the second I tried to acquire new techniques,” he explained regarding his solution to the issue. “Right from the start, I had the feeling that I could keep my old driving style and just have to get used to the fact that the Renault has a little less grip than the Red Bull.”

“This process is complicated by the fact that there are turns where I can follow my instincts as always, and others, I have to think beforehand about how I have to drive to fully exploit the strengths of the McLaren.”

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