Max Verstappen believes that Red Bull will be competitive next season even though it decided to bring more upgrades for the ongoing season.

Verstappen is currently leading the championship ahead of Lewis Hamilton, with a gap of 32 points. Red Bull is also ahead in the constructor championship, 44 points ahead of Mercedes. Moreover, if the Silver Arrows said that they will stop bringing upgrades after the weekend in Silverstone, the Milton Keynes team never said something similar.

This year, many teams, like Mercedes, decided to stop upgrading their cars in the early part of the season to focus on the 2022 new rules.

“I think it was all about how competitive we would be at the beginning of the year,” Verstappen told Sky Sports F1. “And of course we were [competitive], so it would be I think stupid to just let it go.

“Nevertheless, I still have a lot of trust also in next year, but of course we focus on this year first to try and win it.”

The Dutch driver also said that he is very confident the car will be competitive at almost every track. 

“It’s always difficult to say,” Verstappen explained. “I mean I expected to struggle a bit in France, for example, and we still got away with a pole and a win, so from now on, I think I’m just looking forward to every single track.

“There are no guarantees, but there is not a single track where I think I’m going to be too afraid, so that’s good.”

To conclude, Verstappen also said that the way he drives and approaches the weekend needs to be different this year since he is fighting to win the drivers’ championship.

“It needs to be like that,” the 23-year-old said about his mature attitude in 2021. “Before I could take more risks because I had nothing to lose.

“I would always finish third or fourth anyway in the championship, so it’s a very different mindset, which I knew would come if I had a competitive car and now we do, so naturally of course you have to think different because every single weekend you need to score points.”

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