Silverstone Track Director, Stuart Pringle, has opened up the possibility for Silverstone to host a second race, after the Australian GP was recently canceled, with other Grands Prix also in jeopardy of cancellation, such as those in Brazil and Japan.

While Brazil and Japan have not been canceled as of now, there is speculation that those races will be called off, prompting Pringle to come out and publicly support a second race at Silverstone, despite no FIA requests so far.

“If we can help by having a race later in the season then we would be delighted to assist,” said Pringle on the matter. Silverstone is to host a record-breaking crowd of more than 140,000 spectators for the British Grand Prix after the government provided the green light for circuit organizers to sell out for the entire weekend.

“The Government recognized the opportunity that a British Grand Prix running in front of a full house presented.  There will be one hundred million eyes around the world on Silverstone next weekend and it will show Britain off at its absolute best,” he said on the upcoming British Grand Prix.

Pringle has stressed that the FIA has not approached with any sort of request for a second race, but hopes Silverstone gets to host for a second time, similar to the 2020 season where the track hosted the 70th Anniversary GP.

“We have not been asked, and it is not a conversation that I have prompted, but if us hosting another race gets the championship to a sensible level, then, of course, we will help,” Pringle added.

“Formula One deserves remarkable credit that they completed 17 races last year – the only global sport to have achieved such a feat – and I hope they can complete the calendar again.”

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