Haas’ Mick Schumacher explained him closely examining the McLaren MCL35M after the Styrian Grand Prix, stating that it has been something he does since his karting days and that the McLaren’s tires caught his attention.

The German was spotted closely examining the McLaren, right after the Styrian GP and when inquired about it, he said that he was examining the tires to hopefully learn something and understand the cars. He also said that it is the best time and place to see what the competition looks like, up close.

“I cannot walk into anybody’s garage and say ‘hi there, I’ll just check out the car’ and then leave, you know,” Schumacher explained. “So definitely, it’s a good place to look at.”

Schumacher added that he had been doing this since karting and that examining the tires is a good indicator of how the race went, what mistakes were made, and as such is a good opportunity for learning.

“Because tires are like an open book, they will show you every little mistake and every little detail of other cars and most of my car, so inspecting other cars was always a part and I definitely will keep doing it.”

“Let’s say like this has been something that I’ve been doing since karting really,” he further added. “It’s always good to know this, especially how tires look of other cars to be able to understand and learn from that.

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