No real solution for F1’s gentlemen agreement – Bottas

2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Saturday – Steve Etherington. Credits: Daimler.

The gentlemen’s agreement has been one of the main talking points after the two races in Austria, and Valtteri Bottas believes there is not a real solution to the issue.

The gentlemen’s agreement is an accord that the drivers make, and it states that, during the final corners of the out-lap, they do not have to overtake each other. Bottas believes that this works sometimes, but in Austria, he overtook Sebastian Vettel toward the end of the lap, and the German driver found himself blocking Fernando Alonso. Due to that, the Aston Martin driver also received a penalty, and for that time, the gentlemen’s agreement did not work properly.

“I think that gentleman’s agreement it sometimes feels like it’s there, sometimes not,” said Bottas.

“But I think it’s mainly still is pretty, pretty good in terms of the very end of the lap, as the last corner example.

“Sometimes the situation is purely that either you overtake someone or you get overtaken, and then you have the risk of not making the lap. That’s how it is. I think in terms of regulation I haven’t thought what could be the solution right.”

Moreover, each driver prepares for the flying lap differently, which means that everyone warms the tires and the brakes up in a different way. That is one of the main reasons why Bottas believes that sometimes there could be chaos in qualifying, and the gentlemen’s agreement might not be respected.  

“Normally, you tend to create the gaps and want to find your place before that, and by the time you get to the last corner, then people kind of respect,” said Bottas.

“I feel there are so many different cars doing different types of out laps. Some cars need a faster out-lap, I think like us at the weekend.

“Some cars are going slow so you need to balance that out and try and make your tires work. That’s why

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