Mercedes seems to be struggling compared to Red Bull at this stage of the season, and Martin Brundle believes that if the team cannot close the gap to Red Bull, Hamilton will struggle a lot. 

The Milton Keynes-based team is in great shape right now and has scored five consecutive wins. On the other hand, Mercedes did not score a single pole position or race win in the last five Grand Prix.

“I think Lewis will struggle if he looks at the rest of this season thinking ‘I just don’t have the speed in the car to match Red Bull’,” Brundle told Sky Sports.

Moreover, Brundle also thinks that the Silver Arrows will work to improve the car and stay in the title fight.

“I’m sure they [Mercedes] will be trying to finesse the car. Red Bull have done that to theirs. But with the cost caps now, with the resources the teams have, and the dramatically new 2022 cars, they need to keep working on that because that car will be homologated and that will be in play for a number of years.”

Brundle also said that it is important for every team to work on the 2022 car. Getting the project wrong would be a huge problem for the following years. Therefore, focusing too much on the current season could be a risk.

“Get the 2022 car wrong, and you will take pain for two or three seasons,” said Brundle. “You can’t take that gamble.

“I think Mercedes will have to go right, ‘we’ve got a few tweaks to this one, then we’ll call it off and see what happens on strategy, weather, luck, whatever.”

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