Antonio Felix da Costa is a fan of the track surface in New York, where he will compete this weekend.

The upcoming New York City E-Prix is going to be one of the most difficult races in this Formula E season because of the track surface which looks to be quite damaged. However, the reigning champion da Costa supports it because of the challenges it brings.

“I love it. It has loads of variables that’s going to make it harder,” he told

“The only thing is group one [qualifying], all these things are worse for us in group one. But I’m done complaining because there’s no point. Negative energies and thoughts are for nothing.”

“I love these things, these variables.”

The Portuguese driver also believes that such tracks have the character, which is quite rare in motorsports these days.

“Tracks like Budapest, like the Red Bull Ring, tracks full of character but now all gone,” he commented.

“Budapest used to be a track with bumps, cracks on the track, different tarmacs. Now, it’s like a computer game. So I love coming back to places like this with character.”

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