Williams won’t be a threat for Alpine, believes Alonso

Alonso in his car at Austria. 2021. Credits: Twitter (@AlpineF1Team)

Alpine driver, Fernando Alonso, and George Russell had a spectacular battle for the last position in the points during the final laps of the Austrian GP. Alonso does not believe that these battles will hinder their season’s goal.

Alonso has been in strong form in the last few races, finishing in the points almost every time. However, he is not confident about significant improvements on the car as any development for this season and the next will be a challenging balancing act for all teams involved. Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes’ trackside engineer also confirmed that any additional development this season will cost the team speed for the next one. Subsequently, Alonso has said: “The second part of the year is a wait in terms of performance for 2022. A lot of teams will put all their effort into 2022 cars, so what we get and what we see every weekend is going to be not too different in the next race.

“There are no clear targets in terms of championship points or constructors’ championship. It seems we are settled at the moment. We will fight with AlphaTauri and Aston Martin for fifth place for sure.”

The two drivers went at it in the final laps at the last race, with both of them acclaiming each other’s driving skills after the race. The competitiveness of the William’s surprised everyone last weekend as Russell found himself in P8 in the middle of the race.

Alonso, despite having the faster car, took quite a few laps to pass the Williams, showing that the FW43B was actually able to hold its ground during the race.

When asked if the Williams was now a threat for Alpine, Alonso reacted to it explaining that he does not believe they can challenge them as their car simply performs much better around Austria. Williams Racing CEO also shared that their car’s performance was outstandingly good around Austria and believes the lack of wind around the track is the reason for this.

Alonso said after the race at Spielberg: “No, I don’t think so. I think they have made a step forward, but also we checked last year in Austria, they started 11th, so it seems to be a circuit they perform really well at. So I think we need to wait a couple of races to see if they are fast or not. But here last weekend, they were closer to us, and this weekend, we had a little bit more margin.

“I’m happy with the progress in these two weeks. It is up to us to keep it going into Silverstone. If we can repeat this kind of performance, it will put us in top seven or top eight, and that is a step forward for sure.”

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