Vasseur believes Alfa Romeo has made “a huge step forward” in 2021

Antonio Giovinazzi and Lance Stroll. Credits: Alfa Romeo Racing.

Alfa Romeo has had a mixed season in F1 so far. The drivers scored one point each so far. It has been a mixed bag so far.

The team principal Frederic Vasseur has spoken about the team’s season so far.

“It’s a bit of a mixed feeling,” Vasseur told RaceFans. He has also admitted that they made progress in terms of overall performance.

“Today we are one percent off the fastest. Last year, we are two percent. It’s like this from the beginning of the season.”

“Part of the job is coming from the PU, for sure. But I think also on the chassis side we made a good job.”

However, the results so far speak a different language. In the first race, the two took first places outside the points. In the rest of the races, both drivers managed to finish in 10th place once apiece. For Vasseur, the efforts and performances have not been rewarded enough. And they hope for a day when they can benefit from the mistakes of the better ones.

“Now with the circumstances we struggle to score points,” he said. “You have zero DNFs from the beginning and even when you start P12, P13, you finish P11. But we have to do the job to continue like this, and it will happen that we’ll have more chaotic races, and we are not so far away off the Q3.”

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