Stefano Domenicali has spoken about Formula 1’s most significant changes since the departure of Bernie Ecclestone.

It has already been five seasons with Liberty Media ruling Formula 1. The sport has changed significantly in numerous aspects during this stretch. The current Formula 1 CEO Domenicali reveals what these changes are.

“I would say the relationship between teams, the commercial right holders, and the FIA are for sure different. There is more involvement in the discussions now,” he told

“The second point is there are more drivers that are incredibly strong and an asset for the future. There were a few [top level drivers] in the past, but in terms of quantity and quality it is really much higher.”

“The third one is that in terms of the fundamentals, you can see the teams are thinking in different ways, mainly the big teams. When I left Formula 1 the top teams had basically no limit in terms of budget, no limit in terms of approach.”

“I already see now that these teams are thinking of Formula 1 in a different way, and the smaller teams now can see the Formula 1 of the future being an asset on which they can develop a real business.”

The Italian also believes that the transition benefited Formula 1 and praises Chase Carey’s efforts.

“Bernie created Formula 1 and when there’s this change of management or ownership, from the one who created the business to the one who has to take care of the future. It’s natural that there has to be a discontinuity. It’s human and it’s logic,” Domenicali commented.

“It has developed through the role of Chase [Carey] in the right way because you cannot do a copy and paste of Bernie. I think Chase took that responsibility in a situation that was not easy at all and he did an incredible transfer to what is now a different Formula 1.”

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