Martin Brundle supposes that the upcoming British Grand Prix is the best chance possible for Mercedes to start getting up the ranks.

It goes without saying that the 2021 Formula 1 campaign is the toughest for Mercedes in years – they sit 2nd in the Constructors’ Championship 44 points away from Red Bull Racing. However, the tendency can change next weekend at the British GP, which fits the Silver Arrows. The Sky Sports commentator Brundle thinks that Silverstone is a perfect occasion for the comeback.

“Red Bull and Max Verstappen are the favorites for the title. Mercedes have to come back at them hard and fast and Silverstone would be their best chance,” he told Sky Sports.

Brundle also believes that Mercedes needs to get back to victories at Silverstone.

“I think it’s critical [to win the British GP]. Now we’re already nine races into the season. Max could easily have won the last five, he’s won four of the five, and Red Bull won the other one anyway because obviously, he had puncture in Baku. He’s on a roll,” he commented.

“He dominated the second Austria and won the first Austria at a canter, Paul Ricard, he had covered too.”

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