Daniel Ricciardo has praised his teammate, Lando Norris, for having polished himself as a driver and believes that it was the next logical step after having been inside the team for three years.

Ricciardo and Max Verstappen nearly had a perfect relationship at Red Bull, however, there were flashes of hostility between the two in the Australian’s final season with the team. While having been accused of “running from a fight” with Verstappen in his final season at Red Bull, a more experienced Ricciardo has now shared his mental approach to his current predicament at Mclaren.

“For now, I have to take off my hat and admit that he drives very well, that he has established himself very well with the team and just use that to try to benefit me to go forward, use those things to definitely become a better driver.”

He has reflected on his time at Red Bull and shared that drivers mature and take steps to improve every year. Although, he feels that drivers make the biggest jump in their maturity in their third year with the team. Norris has been in outstanding form this season and seems to be at one with his MCL35M. Ricciardo believes that this form is a result of his third year inside the team.

“I came in and he showed me that he has skills and talent, I think he has also taken that third-year step this year. I took it at Red Bull, I think Max took it too, he polished some of his mistakes in the third year and that really increased its potential. I think Lando is doing it right now.”

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