Juan Pablo Montoya, former F1 racer, believes that Red Bull, especially in the hands of Max Verstappen, is going to be impossible to beat for Mercedes.

The 2021 Formula 1 season is near its halfway mark with 9 races being completed. The three weeks have seen F1’s first triple-header of the season during which Red Bull has won all with Verstappen having extended his lead to Hamilton by 32 points. With the lead that Red Bull and the Dutchman have managed to create, Montoya believes that when things are going in the right direction for you it is easier to stay true to your season’s purpose. 

“It’s much easier to keep yourself under control when you have the fastest car and everything is going in the right direction.

“It’s much easier to keep a cool head, it’s much easier to perform well, and it’s much easier for everything to work well. The way things are going, one would assume that Max should win the championship this year if something big doesn’t happen.”

Montoya also shared that with Red Bull simply being the faster car, its speed in Verstappen’s hands makes it an impossible task for Mercedes to retain the championship for the eight-time since the hybrid era. He shared in an interview with Motorsport.tv: “I think right now all the momentum is with Red Bull and Max, and he’s doing a great job. Week after week he is there. I just don’t see how they can beat him, I don’t think they have enough. I really don’t see how.”

“The Red Bull is simply the faster car at the moment. Lewis is a great driver, Valtteri also does a really good job. But the Red Bull is in its own league, especially in Max’s hands.

“Sergio will get better every week and feel more and more comfortable in the car. This will make it even more difficult for Mercedes. The fact that McLaren is suddenly involved at the front also makes Mercedes life difficult.”

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