The next F1 race weekend will be the first time the sprint race is tested as a qualifying format. Michael Masi, FIA race director, is also ready to change the rules of the new format after Silverstone if there are problems.

The FIA sporting regulations have been fundamentally changed to allow the new sprint races to run smoothly. The venues for these are Silverstone, Monza, and one other location.

Together with the teams, the FIA and Formula 1, a long time was spent working on rules and generally on the format, such as the parc ferme rules and the application of penalties.

In Austria, the final draft was completed and sent to the World Motor Sport Council. This is expected to be approved on Thursday. Despite working with F1 and the teams, Masi admits that changes are likely to be made to ensure the Sprint Races go well.

Asked if the FIA and F1 would take note of rule changes if problems arose, Masi also had an opinion.

“I think we’ve been very fortunate in the way that it’s been a collaborative approach since the start of the year.

“So, we’ve had numerous meetings, involving all the team sporting directors, ourselves at the FIA, and F1 in developing refining, leaving things for a week, letting everyone have another re-read, and finding little bits and pieces.

“Everyone, to be fair, has a completely open mind that there may be things crop up that no one has thought of. But also an open mind that after the first event, let’s happily review internally and see what did work, what didn’t work, other areas that need to be refined.

“Quite honestly, with everyone involved, it is something new for all of us, particularly in an F1 capacity. The regulations traditionally have been structured in a very specific format and way around a Grand Prix taking place without sprint qualifying happening.

“So, everyone’s quite open and has said even as late as this morning [last Sunday] that we all just need to work together and see what pops up, anything that we haven’t considered, as much as everyone has read them inside out today.”

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