Masi praises Igora Drive elevation changes

St Petersburg, Russia. Credits: Formula 1 website.

Formula 1 Race Director, Michael Masi, has praised the Igora Drive Circuit for its topography, more specifically the elevation changes after he had visited the circuit to see the extension to the circuit for 2023, where it will host the Russian GP.

Masi visited the circuit for a pre-event inspection with the sporting director Steve Nielsen, after the Azerbaijan GP to see the progress on getting the future host of the Russian Grand Prix up to speed. An extension is underway to the two-year-old track, which was supposed to host a DTM race last year.

“One thing that probably isn’t appreciated is the topography. It’s actually amazing, the topography and that’s something you don’t appreciate from seeing on a drawing,” Masi explained. “They’re already doing an extension on there, which is a longer extension, which is well advanced.”

Igora Drive is also an FIM Grande A circuit, and Masi hopes the FIA can work with the FIM and introduce changes to Igora Drive that would benefit both entities.

“We’re working together with our friends at the FIM and the circuit themselves to implement a few changes with regards to extending the number of garages,” Masi said. “There’s some run-off areas and the changing curbs and things like that.”

In the end, Masi admitted there’s still a lot of work to do, but he feels that things can go smoothly. Further work is now being done to accommodate MotoGP races in the same circuit.

“There’s a number of changes that are being worked through together with the circuit,” Masi admitted. “There’s some work to do prior to their inaugural event in 2023.”

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