Liam Lawson, Red Bull Junior, will sit in an F1 car for the first time at the Festival of Speed in Goodwood. He will be driving the RB7 with which Sebastian Vettel led the team to the world championship title in 2011.

The 19-year-old currently races in Formula 2 and will “finally” make his first appearance in a premier class car at Goodwood.

Lawson visited Red Bull headquarters in Milton Keynes earlier this week to be put in the car. It was an extraordinary experience for the New Zealander. According to himself, it was a “surreal” experience.

At Greenwood, he will be driving his DTM car, the Ferrari 488 GT3, as well as the RB7. With this Red Bull-backed car, he won the opening race in Monza last month.

“I’m driving the Red Bull RB7 it is my first Formula 1 experience, so it is extremely exciting. I got fitted in the car this week which was a pretty crazy experience.

“The RB7 is the 2011 car I remember, being nine years old watching that championship and watching Vettel dominate in it – and I honestly cannot believe I’m going to drive that car.”

“It’s a bit sketchy but I’ll be doing some burnouts and stuff. I’m really excited, they even had my name on the side of it which was pretty cool.”

After the Goodwood event, he will resume racing in F2. The New Zealander won the opening race and travels to Silverstone currently in sixth place overall.

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