Formula 1 is ready to experiment the new weekend format at Silverstone, the sprint qualifying. Ferrari Team Principal, Mattia Binotto, believes that anything can happen, and it will be “exciting”.

Binotto warned the Formula 1 fans by saying that the new format could produce some chaotic action around the track of Silverstone. Plus, he is also aware of the fact that since it is a new format and Pirelli is set to introduce different tires, it will be messy and tricky for the teams.

“I suppose we should keep in mind that we’ve got a new tire specification for Silverstone. We tested it here in Austria, but the team needs again to have some more experience on it.

“And there will be very little time for it because we’ve got only the Friday morning before going into the Quali race. So I think that we’ll be going straight into the qualifying with a new spec. Anyway, it’s a new format, we have very little experience.

“That really will be exciting. It could be exciting. I think that there may be some mess because the settlement is not optimal. I think that the lack of [similar] experiences means that we are going to get a lot of retirees, so I think it can be a great race weekend in that respect.”

To conclude, Binotto also suggested that F1 should try this type of format when the circus races on the same track twice like it was in Austria.

“I think in the future if you’ve got two races in a row on the same circuit, we may consider the sprint qualifying race format,” Binotto added.

“Again, try to change a bit the format of the weekend. For me, I’m happy to have two races in a row, it doesn’t kill you as it was necessary.”

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