Alonso proud he did not win because of “luck” or “dominant car”

Fernando Alonso seen during the FIA Formula One World Championship 2021 in Spielberg, Austria on July 3, 2021 // Red Bull Content Pool

Fernando Alonso has stated that he is proud to have won his two championships for Renault on the basis of merit, as opposed to “luck” or a “dominant car”. Alonso was in the title race in 2007, 2010, and 2012, losing by small margins.

Alonso made these comments in light of his battle with Williams’ George Russell in the closing laps of the Austrian Grand Prix, in a battle that could be described as intense as a championship one.

“We have been champions twice and runners-up four times, three of them by less than three points,” Alonso commented regarding his track record over the years. “I’m proud of that. That it wasn’t a championship we won because of a dominant car or by luck. I think we have always been a strong team that is not willing to give up in any circumstance.”

He referenced his stint with Ferrari from 2010 to 2014, finishing runner-up to Sebastian Vettel on 3 occasions, even leading the championship fight in 2010 till the last race. Alonso dragged his arguably slower Ferrari to regular podiums and wins over this period, regularly outperforming his teammates.

“Apart from those two championships, we fought to the last race for five or six years, and in that last race we were often still leading the championship for a large part,” he added.

It can be made clear that Alonso shares the view of many in F1 that he could have won more world championships with his stints with Ferrari and McLaren, and in hindsight, it is understandable why he may feel so.

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