Mex Verstappen has said Red Bull need to be fast on every track in order to him to keep his title lead.

Verstappen currently holds a healthy lead in the 2021 World Championship and is over a race win ahead of closest rival Lewis Hamilton. Despite this, Verstappen says the team needs to ensure they are the fastest everywhere, not just Austria where he dominated both events.

“I’m also focused on the rest of the season,” he said. “It is still so long, and there are still a lot of points you need to score. We need to make sure that every single weekend we are back up there and we basically use the whole potential of the car.”

“We had a good car in Austria especially, I think it was just very dominant. But we have to make sure that in Silverstone we are there again.”

Verstappen is 32 points ahead as Formula 1 heads to Silverstone, where the new sprint race format will be trialed for the first time.

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