Helmut Marko believes that this year, Red Bull has a combination of car, engine, and driver that is the best if compared to all the other teams on the grid.

Marko is sure that Red Bull is better than Mercedes this year. He thinks that both the car and their number one driver, Max Verstappen, are way better than what the Silver Arrows have.

“And the better driver, three components,” said Marko.

“It’s good to score 77 points in three races, and when you’re at the front, life is so much easier, and the victory at the Austrian GP, was even easier than the previous Sunday.”

Despite that, Marko knows that Mercedes can fight back at some tracks. Therefore, Red Bull will keep bringing upgrades to its car to remain in front of the German team and win the championship.

“There will be other tracks and other tire compounds, look at McLaren, if everything fits together then suddenly they are on par,” added Marko.

“We know how strong Mercedes is and what they can still do. But it’s reassuring when you win so confidently.”

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