Ferrari new simulator ready in September

Carlos Sainz in Austria. Credits: Scuderia Ferrari on Twitter.

Ferrari confirmed that the new simulator has been installed, and it will be ready to be used in September.

The new simulator is located in a different building, still near the Fiorano circuit. The fact that Ferrari was developing a new simulator was not new, and finally, it is ready. After the summer, the Scuderia will be able to use it to develop the new 2022 car. 

The new simulator has the latest technologies, and it was built exclusively for Ferrari. The Scuderia worked with the UK-based company Dynisma. 

“It reproduces, in a 360º environment, the lowest latency and the widest bandwidth of what currently exists in the market. It is based on a completely new concept.”

Ferrari was set to introduce the new simulator last year, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was forced to delay its introduction. Despite having finished the works for the new simulator, the old one will still be used by the team to continue the developments of the current car, the SF21. Plus, the old simulator will also help the drivers that are part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. 

“We believe that we have made the best possible decision, focusing on creating a tool that allows us to take a generational leap in this sector. We have chosen Dynisma, a young and dynamic company,” said Gianmaria Fulgenzi, head of the supply chain for Ferrari.

“It took two years to complete this project, and now we are ready to start using it in project 674, which is the name given to the car that will be produced based on the new technical regulations that will come into force in 2022.” 

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