Williams Racing CEO Jost Capito shared that the team felt disappointed after failing to score the points with George Russell.

Last weekend at the Austrian GP Russell had a chance at points in Williams. However, Alonso in the final stages of the race was able to get past the Williams and secure the last available position for points. Russell drove a brilliant race and managed to get up to P8 at a point in the race. Unfortunately for him, the car simply lacked the pace to fend off the French team, Alpine.

Capito has now shared the team’s predicament explaining that their car’s downfall is its sensitivity to wind.

“It’s very dependent on the weather conditions. Everybody knows by now that our car is very tricky in windy conditions and Silverstone is known that it can be very windy.”

“I think if it’s very windy, we might struggle. If it’s not that windy then we might have a chance to be somewhere close to where we were in Austria.”

Capito also spoke of the rekindled spirit within the team to get back into the points. To make it point-specific, he shared an anecdote saying that the team was ecstatic after finishing 12th in France and was disappointed finishing 11th in Austria. He believes that the team’s new sense of purpose is key in determining their own future.

“The mood is very disappointed and I very happy that everybody is disappointed because four weeks ago, everybody would triumph 11th place. The 12th place in France was fantastic and now we are being disappointed with 11th. It shows the fire of the team and the enthusiasm the team has now, that they want more, they’re not happy with the result that doesn’t deliver points.”

“I think that it’s very important for the team to push on and to even try harder. I think if you said before the triple-header, what we achieved in these three races, everybody would have said you are completely crazy, never ever. Now we are disappointed with these results. I think that shows the way we are taking with the team.”

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