A meeting hosted last weekend at the Austria GP amongst the major manufacturers put forward an outline for future hybrid engines which would come into use in 2025. Christian Horner has shared his views on the characteristics of the engines in 2025.

The F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has explained the goal of 2025 and beyond, saying that F1 would aim to work specifically on increasing the “hybridization” of their current engines. Domenicali has illustrated that the fundamentals of the current engine will be retained and an attempt will be put forward in increasing the hybrid nature of the engine.

“Hybrid will be there, of course. The focus on the future will be more on the hybridization of our engine. The fundamentals of all this engine will stay.”

The Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has shared his opinion on what he feels the engines for 2025 must provide.

“I think it has to address the emotion, the sounds, and yes, of course, it has to tick the sustainable boxes. But, I think it still needs to be entertaining – otherwise, we should all go and do Formula E.”

There are three ways of going about Horner’s idea. One would be to remove the MGU-H in the current engine, two – to increase fuel flow to the engine, and lastly – to increase the revs. While the methodology behind this has not been confirmed, Horner has pointed out the importance of reducing the current engine costs.

“We see that costs of the current engine are extremely prohibitive. I think it was a constructive dialogue [about the meeting]. It’s important we find the right solution, both in cost and product, for the future of F1. So I think all the right stakeholders are involved in that discussion, and it’s important to work collectively for the benefit of the sport.”

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