Brawn believes Norris’ performances are strongest of anyone

Image Credits: McLaren

Ross Brawn believes Lando Norris’ performances in the McLaren are some of the strongest in the field, and he is punching well above his weight.

Norris sits fourth in the title, only three points behind Sergio Perez, and has already surpassed his points total from the whole of 2020 just nine rounds in. The Brit now adds to the list of people praising him with F1 sporting director Ross Brawn saying his performances are among the best of anyone this season.

“He delivered a sensational qualifying performance and followed it up with a great race,” Brawn said.

“There were some tough decisions regarding penalties in the race, one of which impacted Lando. No one, including the stewards, want to see penalties and I think they will be debated for a long time.”

“He was highly rated when he arrived in Formula 1 and is now consistently delivering on that expectation. The McLaren driver has been constantly evolving this year and seems to have made a major step. He’s an amazing talent.”

With at least 13 races left this season following the cancelation of Melbourne, Norris still has the potential to score 200 or more points this season. The last time a McLaren driver did that was in 2011 when both drivers scored over 200 points.

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