Brawn admits nervousness ahead of first F1 sprint race weekend

SPIELBERG,AUSTRIA,08.JUL.17 – MOTORSPORTS, FORMULA 1 – Grand Prix of Austria, Red Bull Ring, Styrian Green Carpet. Image shows managing director Ross Brawn (F1/ Motorsports). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Christian Walgram // GEPA pictures/Red Bull Content Pool

Formula 1 managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn has admitted he is nervous ahead of F1’s first-ever sprint race weekend over how successful the new format will be. Despite this, he has clarified that he is optimistic due to F1’s room for innovation.

Brawn has also added that the format is not something fixed for the future and that there is room for change depending on the results and feedback received from stakeholders involved.

“What I’m really pleased about is Formula 1 is given this opportunity of three races to evaluate whether this is something we want to take forward. And I think that’s a really positive step from Formula 1 to do that,” Brawn said.

“We have to decide if this is something which we roll out completely or whether it’s just for feature events. So there’s quite a lot of discussion to have.”

Brawn has said that the best possible outcome is for sprint qualifying to be a part of the race weekend for select races, if not every race weekend. He has also emphasized the core reason, that being “expanding the weekend”, with Fridays also being an opportunity for action.

“We have the Sprint on Saturday and then we have the Grand Prix on Sunday, which is the pinnacle event of the weekend. So we really try to add to it, make sure we don’t take away from the Grand Prix,” Brawn explained.  “I think the thing that we want to stress is it’s expanding the weekend. We have a great event on Friday now because we have qualifying.”

Brawn has admitted it is still unknown how fans might perceive these changes but has said that with the huge amounts of work being put in, from Formula 1 and the teams, there is a great opportunity for success.

“I am nervous, it’s the unknown,” Brawn admitted. “We need to engage the fans and we need to ensure we have a race that they really get excited about.

“I think they will, but we don’t know until we get there.”

“I think we put a huge amount of work into it, the teams themselves have put a huge amount of work into it, so I think it’s got the greatest opportunity of success,” he concluded.

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