Unfair penalty puts Norris close to race ban, says Seidl

Lando Norris (McLaren) in Austria 2021. Credit: Reddit.

Andreas Seidl is no friend of the F1 licensing system. The German thinks it is “not right” that Lando Norris is thereby brought close to a racing ban.

The young Briton had received two penalty points and a 5-second penalty for his defensive maneuver against Sergio Perez (Red Bull). These 2 points bring him to 10 in total in the last 12 months. With 12 penalty points in a calendar year, you are suspended for one race.

A small encouragement is that Norris “loses” two points before the GP at Silverstone and is back to 8 penalty points, nevertheless, McLaren is not happy about this situation and the regulations.

McLaren’s team principal, Andreas Seidl, is in favor of revising the licensing system because he doesn’t think it’s fair for drivers like Norris to get closer to a race ban by performing a series of harmless maneuvers.

“From my point of view, it needs a review. I think we all agree that for an incident like in Austria getting a race ban as a consequence, can’t be the right thing.”

Seidl is not at all pleased with the FIA’s ruling that they penalized the McLaren driver for the defensive maneuver against the Red Bull driver. He felt it should have been classified as a “racing incident”.

“To be honest I don’t understand why he gets a penalty there. That is for me racing, and racing that we all want to see.”

“I don’t think that Lando did anything wrong. It was in addition at the beginning of the race, where everyone needs to settle in first, and he was just going on his racing line.”

“He didn’t do anything stupid and didn’t do some dive-bombing or whatever. He was always parallel to him or even slightly ahead of Checo. So honestly, I do not understand.”

“I also don’t understand why, for example, a driver steward doesn’t bring more across there, on what’s actually going on there, in this first race lap for a race driver. So, it will be interesting what we hear from Michael Masi on this.”

Alluding to statements made by FIA race director Michael Masi, who also referred to the penalty given to Norris at the Baku GP where he failed to pit directly when a red flag was given, claiming that drivers know some rules since karting, Seidl said that many drivers also know other rules and this one with defending on the track is also one of them.

“Speaking in Michael’s words, every go-kart driver knows that if you go there to the outside in the first race lap, you will end up in the gravel. You can’t complain about the guy that was on the racing line.”

“It’s a shame because it cost us probably P2. But in addition to that, Lando gets two penalty points for something like that, which brings him again closer to get a race ban.”

“To be honest is something that needs further thought overall if it’s that right system that we’re having in place here.”

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