Ocon happy Red Bull Ring doubleheader ended

Esteban Ocon in Austria. Credits: Alpine on Twitter.

Esteban Ocon did not enjoy the Austrian GP at all, his race ended after only three corners due to suspension damage after touching another car.

Ocon was between Mick Schumacher and Antonio Giovinazzi. There was not enough room for him, and his front-right wheel touched the Italian’s car. As a consequence, Ocon’s suspension broke, and his race was over.

During the first race in Styria, he did not manage to finish inside the top ten either. That means that his negative streak of not scoring points continues since the Monaco GP.

“We don’t seem to catch a break today or even last week. The whole two weeks in Austria haven’t been fun, for sure,” he said. “They’ve been painful at times, difficult, but you know I think we need to restart fresh in Silverstone, reset and prepare it the best way we can. Let’s forget this weekend and have a good start in Silverstone.”

On Saturday, Ocon only managed to qualify in P17, and he admitted that if he had a better result during qualifying, the contact with Giovinazzi could have been avoided. 

“I watched it. I don’t think Antonio was aware that [I was] next to him so he squeezed a bit, but I think it’s a racing incident – no one to blame,” he said.

“Starting further back has some consequences on the race also, with racing incidents and stuff like that, so, it hasn’t been the two smooth weekends but we will come out of it stronger and together as a team.”

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