The new Formula 1 engines should be introduced in 2025, but Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal, believes that the new rules might be delayed by one year. 

By delaying the introduction of the new power units, there would be more time to discuss the new rules. 

“It is possible that we will find a compromise, advance the use of green gasoline a year or two and extend the current rules for a year. Everyone may want to be ready in 2026 because F1 should be an example,” said Toto at Spielberg.

Wolff said that it is still unknown how the new engines are going to be, but he pointed out that the costs for the development must be lower. Plus, he also said that biofuels and more eco-friendly engines constitute an essential part. 

“I don’t know what the solution will be, but we need a power unit that is also represented in the field of electrification. But at the same time, we must develop it with a budget far below the current ones, and that biofuels constitute an essential part.

“The road must stop for current six-cylinder engines. We do not have to reinvent the wheel, simply optimize the electrical part together with the use of sustainable fuels. This is the right direction,” concluded Wolff. 

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