George Russell made his first Q3 appearance on Saturday at the Austrian GP. Now he benefits from the “disastrous tires” of the opponents he said himself.

He backed up this statement with the fact that he made it into Q3 on Medium tires, something he himself would not have believed before the weekend. He also took the fact that his opponents would start with the Soft tires as an advantage, because they were not as durable as the Mediums. He also was convinced of the tire strategy.

“If we did that last Q2 stint on the soft, it would have been really tricky. We don’t think we wanted to be on that soft. So, we’re in an amazing position with the AlphaTauris ahead of us on the soft, [Lance] Stroll and probably Sebastian behind us on the soft too.”

“We think their tires are going to be disastrous in the race. They seem like they know something we don’t. Hopefully, they don’t, but we’ve got flexibility to do as we wish with the strategy whereas I think those guys are pretty locked in.”

Williams gets another chance to score points for the first time since the German GP in 2019 this race Sunday. Russell knows that too but that does not change his approach to the race.

“The mindset is always finish as high as possible. Obviously, we’re starting from a high position, but I guess we’ve just got to have a clean first lap because we are truly in a strong position, and we should have a real pace advantage on the Mediums.”

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