Russell says Williams “making real progress” in recent rounds

Image Credits: Williams

George Russell has said Williams have been “making real progress” in recent rounds, as the team heads into their home round in Silverstone.

Russell was painstakingly close to a first point with Williams in Austria, losing 10th to Fernando Alonso with less than 10km to run. Despite this, the Brit is happy with how the race panned out and is looking forward to Silverstone.

“Today was so close, yet so far,” he said. “I got off the line well at the start, but then Tsunoda had quite a big lock up and cut in front of me to avoid going into his teammate, so I had to get on the brakes and lost a couple of places.”

“That P10 point would feel like a race victory for us, so I was fighting with everything I had. Of all the drivers to have behind you in this situation, Fernando wouldn’t be who you’d choose; he was flying and holding him off just wasn’t possible on my tires”

“We’re all disappointed to miss out by such a small margin, but we’re making real progress and we’ll take the positives on to Silverstone.”

Nicholas Latifi said it was an uneventful race for him, as he drove from 18th to 15th in the race.

“It wasn’t a very eventful day from my side,” Latifi said. “we stayed out of trouble on the opening laps, and then I ran on my own for most of the race.”

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