Red Bull pitted Verstappen to ensure no Baku repeat

Image Credits: Red Bull

Christian Horner has said Red Bull pitted Max Verstappen late on to avoid a repeat of the tire failure in Baku.

Verstappen pitted for a second time late on in the Austrian Grand Prix, after which the team told him there was a small cut on one of his tires. He still won, but when questioned about it after the race, team boss Horner said they didn’t want a Baku repeat.

“I think that one stops, after Azerbaijan, and when you’ve got a 25 second lead with a free pit stop, why take the risk?” Horner said.

“We could see there was a small cut. It wasn’t significant, but it was enough to catch your attention.”

“The only risk was the stop itself, which the guys did phenomenally, I had it at just under two seconds, they turned the car around quickly.”

Verstappen now has a 32 point lead coming into Silverstone, where Formula 1 heads next, in two weeks time.

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