Mclaren’s Lando Norris has said that it is nice to know that Red Bull and Mercedes are feasible targets to race against after a long time. Regarding today’s race, he has said that it was good, despite failing to reach P2.

Norris also believes that his penalty for the lap 1 incident was “racing”, and that he is “frustrated but happy” with his P3 result. Norris has been awarded a 5-second penalty for pushing Red Bull’s Sergio Perez off the track.

“I thought lap 1 was racing really, he tried to go around the outside which was really stupid, and he ran out of the track himself,” Norris explained during the post-race interview.

“I didn’t even push him. I’m frustrated but happy with P3, we have a good pace.”

Norris has also supposed that he was able to keep up to the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas, however, it was not enough to get into the DRS range and execute an overtake on the Finn.

“I think we had good pace, I could keep up with him [Bottas] a lot, but not enough to get into DRS,” Norris admitted. “It’s nice to know that we can race them, it’s the first race in many years where we’re racing the Mercedes and Red Bull, so I hope we can keep it up.”

In the end, he has been excited by the race and that it was a good result, despite the room for improvement. Norris and his McLaren MCL35M have achieved some of the fastest straight-line speeds at the speed trap throughout the weekend.

“Big thanks to all the fans first of all. It was a lot of fun, was a good race, it was exciting but I’m disappointed because we should have been second place.”

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