Norris had “quite a few more risks” to reach P2 in qualifying 

Lando Norris after qualifying. Credits: McLaren Twitter.

Lando Norris qualified in P2 for the Austrian GP, but not without taking some risks throughout the session.

The Briton will start alongside Max Verstappen on the front row. Plus, the McLaren driver admitted that if he will have the chance to attack Verstappen, he will try to go for it. 

Norris also said that his Q3 lap was probably one of his best done in his career.

“Quite possibly. I think most corners I did my best [times] on.

“I was just behind Max, so I was P2 on track and was a bit nervous I was going to start losing a lot in the straights – which I did but I made up for it in the corners, especially the high-speed.

“I took quite a few more risks and that’s where I found a lot of my lap time and it paid off in the end. So, it’s a cool feeling – especially around here.

“It’s a pretty awesome track to push it on and to try to find those last couple of hundredths.

“Especially taking risks and not taking risks and so on – so it’s a good feeling. Rewarded me nicely.”

Lando continued by saying that the McLaren car feels a bit better when the fuel load is lower. Moreover, he also said that his poor free practice performance was due to “just trying things”. 

“I’m sure everyone makes little mistakes here and there but we also know the car comes alive a bit more when you take the fuel out and when you turn the engine up.

“The main reason for my mistake in P3 was because I was just suddenly a lot closer to the car ahead in the final corner and I [had] less rear into the corner and I made the mistake because of that and, while I wasn’t that close, everything was fine, so that caught me out a little bit.

“The car was good last weekend in qualifying and we knew what worked well and what didn’t.

“You’re just always trying to find the limits and you’re pushing and it’s not easy to always maximize the braking, because it’s so easy to have a little lock-up or run wide and things like that.

“So you make those mistakes in practice but I didn’t make them in qualifying. That’s just the way of learning.”

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