New Mercedes upgrades won’t be enough to outperform Red Bull – Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton in Austria. 2021 Austrian Grand Prix, Saturday – LAT Images

Mercedes seems to be struggling against Red Bull at the moment, and Lewis Hamilton does not believe that the Silver Arrows are going back to winning races in Silverstone.

It was a tough Sunday for Lewis, who could not match the pace of his rivals due to his car being damaged. Plus, as he did last week, he said that Mercedes must bring upgrades if they want to close the gap to Red Bull. 

“We’re miles away from them,” he said of Red Bull. “So we’ve got a lot of work to do. We need all hands on deck, which I know there already are. They’ve brought a lot of updates, clearly, over these past few races and we haven’t brought any. So we’ve got to bring some, find as much performance as possible – otherwise, this will be the result most often.”

Hamilton did not hide his fear that the new upgrades for Silverstone will not help the team recover the performance lost to Red Bull.“The upgrade is not… definitely not going to make up for the time.”

To conclude, Hamilton said that the championship is still very long and 32 points are not impossible to recover. 

“There is [a long way to go],” he said, “but I mean we can’t match those guys at the moment. So yes, we’ll do our best. But it’s tough.”

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