Bernie Ecclestone, a man known for being opinionated, has said Lewis Hamilton is no longer the best driver in F1.

Ecclestone has a long and storied history with Formula 1, and has seen the likes of Brabham, Clark, Lauda, and Senna come and go. Now in the modern F1 era, he believes Hamiltons days as the ace of F1 are over with, but he didn’t say it was Verstappen who has taken his place.

“No, I don’t think Lewis is right now,” Ecclestone said. “The top six drivers can beat Lewis and Max if they have the car. That’s the difference between a real champion and one that can cope with difficult situations, but under no circumstances should Lewis be written off. It will be an exciting duel between him and Verstappen.”

“As a top driver in F1 you don’t just need the best car, you always need a bit of luck. Lewis had that for many, many years. At the moment it isn’t always on his and Mercedes’ side. But I have to say that Red Bull is doing a great job.”

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