Alonso not happy with drivers leaving track on lap one, he criticizes FIA

Fernando Alonso in Austria. Credits: Alpine on Twitter.

Fernando Alonso scored points once again at the Red Bull Ring. He is happy to continue his streak of scoring points, but he also criticizes the FIA, which he thinks should take action against the drivers that exceed the track limits on lap one. 

The Spaniard started in P14 and after a good start, he was already ahead of Charles Leclerc and Daniel Ricciardo. However, both of them went off track and rejoined overtaking him. Alonso was not happy to see that, and he is also angry with the FIA since it did not penalize them.

“We have had to fight a lot. Good consistency, another top ten in the race. Happy about that.

“Surprised/frustrated by the first corner. I overtook Ricciardo and Leclerc, they pass on the outside and finish seventh and eighth. It is very good to get off the track, you save a lot of traffic, it is interesting,” said Alonso ironically.

“For subsequent races, I know where you can start and where you can not,” he added.

“Nothing, nothing can be done. The level is set by the Race Director. If a defender touches the ball outside the area, the next game we all do it. It’s interesting, we learn things.”

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