Wolff sure new contract will not be Hamilton’s last with Mercedes

2021 Austrian Grand Prix, Friday – LAT Images

Lewis Hamilton signed a new deal with Mercedes until 2023, and Toto Wolff admitted that this might not be the last deal between the Briton and the Silver Arrows. 

When the new contract will expire, the seven-time world champion will be almost 39 years old. However, from what Toto said, we can understand that Lewis might still be racing even after turning 40 years old. 

“I’m pretty sure it’s not his last contract,” Wolff told Formula1.com. “I think he always flirts with the thought that this may be the last contract, and in a way, it keeps the options open for the mind. [But] no that’s not going to be his last.”

For Mercedes, the stability inside the team is crucial, especially from next year when new regulations are going to be introduced. Therefore, Wolff wanted a multi-year contract also because Hamilton has a lot of experience, and he has been with the team for a long time.  

“Two years is a good time because we are in the early stages of the ’21 season, so we are talking two and a half years,” he said. “[There is] big regulatory change next year and stability’s important.

“His experience, his speed, and having that in the team is a great asset.”

Moreover, the relationship between Toto and Lewis is probably one of the best inside the F1 paddock. 

“We have established such a strong bond, also because we had difficult times with each other and we went through this, so it’s a transparent relationship,” he said.

“Above all, it’s about performance; he wouldn’t want to be in a car that seems to underperform, and we wouldn’t want to have a driver that isn’t keen anymore.

“So I think we have great plans for the future; we have a tough battle this year, but we’re super motivated, and this partnership is set to continue and is more success to come.”

“Personally, our relationship has developed, and beyond the fact that I wouldn’t wish for any other driver to be in the car, he has also become a friend.”

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