After a chaotic Formula 3 Race 1, many drivers have been penalized after the Grand Prix, and two of them are the podium finishers, Logan Sargeant and Olli Caldwell. 

The penalties were given because the drivers, seven of them to be precise, have exceeded the track limits in Turn 9 or 10. Both Sargeant and Caldwell went off track in those two corners, and the FIA decided to penalize them. 

The stewards decided to add five seconds to their time at the end of the race. Caldwell did not lose the podium spot, but Sargeant goes from P3 to P15.

Victor Martins received the same penalty, meaning he loses P4, dropping back to P5. Moreover, Caio Collet and Amaury Cordeel were penalized as well. Both of them received ten seconds penalty. 

After a great race, Matteo Nannini received a 30-second penalty since he exceeded the track limits nine times, which drops him from P9 to P23. A 30-seconds penalty was also given to Filip Ugran, dropping him in P24.

Jack Crawford and Alex Smolyar received a 5-second penalty for gaining an advantage while going off the track. Therefore, their positions for Race 1 are P8 and P14.

Calan Williams was also penalized because of the contact with David Schumacher. Williams received a 5-second penalty which drops him to P16. 

Ayumu Iwasa was disqualified from Race 1 since he ignored the black and orange flag. The team Hitech GP wanted to contact the stewards after receiving the flag, but due to technical issues, they could not do it. Despite complaining with the stewards, the latter said that every team must follow what the flag imposes. 

However, since it was a team’s decision, the FIA decided not to remove the points scored by Iwasa. Despite that, he started Race 2 in P29.

Clement Novalak also received a penalty because of the contact with Nannini. He started five positions back on the grid for Race 2. 

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