Norris will attack Verstappen if he can

Image Credits: McLaren

Lando Norris has said he will “go for it” and attack Max Verstappen if the opportunity arises, after qualifying second for the Austrian Grand Prix.

0.048sec was the difference between Norris and a career-first pole, as the Brit lost most of his time in the final turn, after being up in sector 2. He has said if he gets a good start he will try and take the lead of the race if the opportunity presents itself.

“We’ll do our best to try and take a step forwards and go in the right direction,” Norris said. “But it wasn’t like we were exactly close last weekend and now we have that little bit more of a step, I don’t want to be too negative, I want to be optimistic as I should be.”

“But I’m also realistic and know that it’s going to be a very tough race. We’re in the best position possible to maximize everything, but if I have a chance to go for P1, a chance to race Max and go for it then I will.”

“I’m still doing that, I’m still racing – I still want to do the best I can. The car is not as quick as them and a lot of things are not possible comparing to them. So, I think I maximized our result and that’s all I could do.”

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