Helmut Marko sees Max Verstappen as favorite for the Austrian Grand Prix pole position on Saturday.

With less than an hour left ahead of the Austrian GP qualifying, Red Bull Racing’s driver Verstappen looks to be the favorite to be the quickest driver after impressive FP3 performance. Red Bull Racing’s advisor Marko believes that the Dutchman will triumph at Red Bull Racing on Saturday afternoon as he has recovered from Friday’s struggles.

“Yesterday’s weakness with the soft tire had several causes, but I would say we have solved it. The lead is impressive and this afternoon it should get even warmer in qualifying,” he told ServusTV.

“We are already measuring almost 20 degrees and the higher temperatures are good for us, so we are optimistic about our chances for pole with Max.”

At the same time, the Austrian wants to see good results from the AlphaTauri drivers.

“Pierre is often around fifth or sixth position and this track suits the AlphaTauri. I am hoping that Tsunoda improves further and both cars qualify in the top 10,” he commented.

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