Hauger wins after starting in P12

Dennis Hauger in Austria. Credits: PREMA on Twitter.

Dennis Hauger started twelveth on the grid, but that did not prevent him to go and win the race ahead of Olli Caldwell and Logan Sargeant.

During the formation lap, Ido Cohen could not start his car and he had to start from the pitlane. At the start, Matteo Nannini took the lead keeping Logan Sargeant behind him. Just after one lap, Cohen stopped his car and had to retire.

Meanwhile, Clement Novalak was in P3, and Dennis Hauger, who started in P12, was already up to P7. The first eight drivers were forming a very tight group at the front, and they were battling very hard for positions.

Sargeant was very close to Nannini, and meanwhile, Victor Martins made a mistake in Turn 4, losing two positions from Doohan and Hauger. The latter was the fastest on track, and he set the fastest time of the race.

Arthur Leclerc was putting under pressure Martins after his mistake. Everyone in front was very close to the driver in front, but all of them had DRS, so overtaking was not easy.

At the back, Stanek and Juan Manuel Correa collided in Turn 3, but it was just a little touch, so the cars were not damaged. The battle for P1 was on, and Sargeant re-took the lead of the race overtaking Nannini. The Italian managed to re-gain the lead, while Sargeant went from P1 to P3, leaving the second position to Novalak.

The latter went up to P1 just one lap after, but Nannini attacked him, and Sargeant took the most out of it, going first once again.

Behind them, Leclerc made a mistake in Turn 4, and he went wide, losing many positions, he was in P16. Again at the front, Hauger took P5, while Nannini and Sargeant were still fighting.

The Italian seemed the fastest and gained the first position. Sargeant was also given a warning for track limits.

The top ten was fighting for the win, the drivers were very close. There was another change in the lead, with Sargeant overtaking Nannini. Meanwhile, Martins overtook Doohan for P6, and Hauger overtook Caldwell for P4.

Nannini again went up to P1, with Novalak in P2, and Sargeant third. Doohan lost another position, going back to P8, with Crawford in P7.

Hauger was attacking Sargeant for P3, and the Norwegian managed to steal the position. Novalak became the new leader, with Nannini and Hauger behind him.

Sargeant lost another position to Caldwell, while Martins was in P6, Crawford in P7, Collet in P8, Doohan in P9, and Iwasa P10.

Hauger was trying hard to overtake Nannini, who was attacking Novalak, but the two collided, and Hauger took the lead of the race after starting in P12.

Now it was a PREMA 1-2, with Sargeant completing the podium. Nannini did not retire but fell back to P6. Crawford and Martins were battling for P5 with just two laps to go.

It was Hauger who won the race, with the fastest lap as well. Caldwell was second and Sargeant third.

3SargeantCharouz Racing System+3.0
4MartinsMP Motorsport+4.0
5CrawfordHitech GP+4.7
6ColletMP Motorsport+5.2
8NanniniHWA Racelab+7.2
9IwasaHitech GP+7.5
10SmolyarART Grand Prix+8.0
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