FIA to clamp down drivers being unnecessarily slow between final two corners in Austria

The FIA will control how the drivers get through the final two corners of the Red Bull Ring.

Track position means a lot at Spielberg’s Red Bull Ring, so the drivers try to find every opportunity possible to get the advantage. Sometimes it can lead to dangerous situations, especially at the final two turns of the race track.

The FIA race director Michael Masi has confirmed that the race control will take actions to prevent unnecessarily slow driving in that section.

“During any practice session, any driver intending to create a gap in front of him in order to get a clear lap should not attempt to do this between the entry to turn nine through to the exit of turn ten. Any driver seen to have done this will be reported to the stewards as being in breach of article 27.4 of the sporting regulations,” mentioned in the guidance.

Masi has also confirmed that the FIA is looking to make changes in turns 9 and 10 in the future regarding track limits.

“We’re working together with our partners at the FIM, as well as the circuit, to try and see what solutions can work for all forms of the sport at both nine and ten, which are at this circuit, obviously the two areas where we still have ongoing the monitoring of track limit issues,” he commented.

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