On Saturday, it was time for the second Formula 3 race in Spielberg. In it, David Schumacher took the win.

At the start, Schumacher and Stanek both got away well and held their positions until the first corner. ART Grand’s Juan Manuel Correa also held on to 3rd place.

Then, the first safety car. There was contact between Logan Sargeant and Tijmen Van der Helm of MP Motorsport, sending the American into the wall.

On lap 5 the race was back on and Vesti was able to pass Edgar and take 6th place from the Carlin Buzz driver.

Then Jak Crawford managed to pass Correa and grab P3. The ART driver dropped one place from his starting position.

On lap 9, Crawford managed to pass Stanek and move up to P2.

Then a bitter moment for Crawford who dropped back in the order, the Hitech driver seemed to have a problem.

The next VSC was not long in coming. Frederik collided with the rear of Correa, sending both cars to the track in turn 1.

On lap 13, the race was open again, Hauger overtook his PREMA teammate Caldwell and moved up to 9th place.

On lap 15, Alpine junior Martins made it past the Hitech driver on the outside and grabbed P2.

Vesti then got DRS on Stanek and slipped past the Czech driver on the inside.

On lap 21 Caio Collet mi grazed Enzo Fittipaldi on the side and opened the door for PREMA driver Arthur Leclerc, who moved up an incredible 19 places.

Then the third VSC. It was devastating for Martins, who seemed to have a problem and came to a halt on the side of the track. There was a five-second time penalty for Caio Collet for causing a collision.

Nothing happened after that and David Schumacher crossed the finish line to take a controlled traffic light victory ahead of ART’s Frederik Vesti and PREMA’s Dennis Hauger!

The top-10 after the race:

1David SchumacherTrident35:26.498
2Frederik VestiART Grand Prix+2.009
3Dennis HaugerPREMA Racing+2.536
4Roman StanekHitech Grand Prix+3.404
5Jonny EdgarCarlin Buzz Racing+5.108
6Arthur LeclercPREMA Racing+5.816
7Jack DoohanTrident+6.641
8Enzo FittipaldiCharouz Racing System+6.995
9Olli CaldwellPREMA Racing+7.377
10Jonathan HoggardJenzer Motorsport+8.272

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