Avoiding soft tires in qualifying was important, says Sainz

Carlos Sainz in Austria. Credits: Scuderia Ferrari on Twitter.

Carlos Sainz did not manage to enter in Q2 after trying to qualify with medium tires with the race. However, he is happy with the car, and he admitted it was crucial to avoid qualifying with soft tires. 

Sainz is happy that the new changes to the car for this weekend are working well, and he feels better with the car. Of course, he is disappointed after qualifying only in P11, but he is sure that the choice of using medium tires will pay off during the race. 

“We, with the degradation problems that we had, knew that we could not go out with the soft. Therefore, we have bet everything in the middle, and we have stayed at six thousandths. We almost got the strategy. I’m happy, I have made a qualification very strong, very good. Compared to last week, everything went better.

“The pity is that we no longer have a new medium tire, they are all used. I would have liked to have a new one, but what can we do? Now we have to think about what we can do with that medium tire and with the hard one we have left,” he insisted.

His pace was not too far off from the one of Lando Norris and Pierre Gasly, and he was happy with the setup. 

“We have changed a couple of things that have worked well for me in the setup, in my riding style. In this qualifying, I was able to do better. A second weekend at the same circuit allows you to change things to improve and take a step ahead. I was fast in qualifying. Passing the cut with a medium would have been the icing on the cake,” he explained.

“It’s a tough result, but at least today I was better with the car. I have been closer to Lando and Gasly. I am happy with the progress I have made. We know that our car here is not doing so well in qualifying, but let’s go to come back stronger tomorrow.”

“I am happy to have improved this week. Last week I was two tenths behind Charles, and this has been all better, for six thousandths I have not been very happy. Having passed the cut would have completely changed our Saturday, if it had after the cut, I would have reached sixth or seventh in Q3 with the soft.”

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