Alpine not happy with new flexi-wing regulations

Fernando Alonso at the Austrian GP. Credits: Reddit.

Marcin Budkowski admits that the flexi-wing regulations have made an impact on Alpine in the 2021 season.

Several race weekends into this year’s F1 season, RB16B’s rear wing forced the FIA to introduce stricter tests to ensure that this part does not bend much. However, other teams on the grid have also had to modify their wings. That has included Alpine. The team’s executive director Budkowski believes that it has affected and hurt the team.

“We’re still untangling some rear wing modifications from the famous technical directive, which to be honest we feel a bit bitter about,” he said.

“It’s taking us a huge amount of resource in effort and money, because we’re talking about several rear wings, several downforce levels, that need to be changed.”

“We feel a bit like the collateral damage of the guys fighting for the championship at the front, and trying to throw banana skins under each other’s feet, if you want, by looking for issues with other people’s cars.”

Budkowski also thinks that the first version of the rear wing has been legal, so changing it for the new directive has been unfair.

“We designed our wings to the regulations. They were fully legal. We passed all the FIA tests, all the homologation pre-season and during all the events so far,” he commented.

“We’re spending now huge amounts of resources and money to change rear wings to new tests that were introduced in season, that effectively change very little performance of our car.”

“It’s costing us money and resource we could invest in next year’s car. We understand the FIA is allowed to change these tests any time they want to in the regulations, but the impact on a team of our size is very big.”

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