Pirelli’s new rear tires “a complete unknown,” championship leaders agree

2021 Spanish Grand Prix, Saturday – Wolfgang Wilhelm. Credits: Daimler.

As drivers are preparing to get their first taste of Pirelli’s new rear tires, Bottas, Hamilton, and Verstappen gave their opinion on the situation, admitting that they are currently in a thick blur and cannot wait to test the compound.

Following Baku’s double tire failure, Pirelli reacted and decided to introduce a new range of rear tires that should ensure more durability. The Italian manufacturer has adjusted its production line to ensure better reliability and avoid a further embarrassing situation like the one that happened in Azerbaijan.

Championship leaders Verstappen, Hamilton, and Bottas delivered their thoughts as all three drivers are still in the blur regarding the behavior of the new compound.

“Most often when Pirelli brings a new tire it’s not huge differences. So as far as I’m aware it’s just a reliability adjustment,” Hamilton said.

“I don’t really think it’s going to change much. But we could get in tomorrow and it could affect some more than others, who knows.”

“It’s a complete unknown for us how the car’s going to handle, how the grip level is going to be with the new rear tyres,” Bottas admitted.

“That’s what we’re going to try tomorrow. Anything I say more now is just guessing and speculation, I think we’ll learn more tomorrow [during practice sessions].”

Verstappen also pointed out the current mysterious situation. All is not yet clear for the Dutch driver that will wait until the first tests to make himself a stronger opinion.

“I don’t even know what exactly they’re changing to. I know the construction, but we have to drive it first to really see what it’s going to do because otherwise, it’s almost impossible to really say anything about it,” Verstappen said.

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